Portuguese Nationality for Citizens born in the former Portuguese Colonies

Portuguese Nationality for Citizens born in the former Portuguese Colonies

Citizens born in the former Portuguese colonies, after the independence of these territories, may apply for Portuguese nationality when they have a grandfather or grandmother who was born and died in that territory, before independence.

Article 1(1)(d) of the Nationality Law provides that individuals with at least one ancestor of Portuguese nationality, originating in the 2nd degree, in the straight lineage who has not lost that nationality, if they declare that they want to be Portuguese and have an effective connection to the national community.

The existence of an effective connection to the Portuguese community is verified by the sufficient knowledge of the Portuguese language.

Article 25(9) of the Portuguese Nationality Regulation provides that knowledge of the Portuguese language exists for individuals who are natural and nationals of Portuguese-speaking countries.

It depends on the non-conviction to a prison sentence equal to or greater than 3 years, with final judgment, for a crime punishable under Portuguese law, and also on the absence of danger or threat to national security or defense, for involvement in activities related to the practice of terrorism, in accordance with the respective law.

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